Want to hire an AWESOME bartender for your next event....


Bartender Services


All bartender services require a 3 hour minimum

One Bartender per hour  $50.00

Two Bartenders per hour $90.00

Basic Bar Mixer:   $5.00 per guest

includes: coke, sprite, diet coke, cranberry juice, orange juice, soda water, and tonic water

Premium Bar Mixer: $8.00 per guest

All the items on the Basic Mixer Package and 2 cocktail mixers. Choose from hurricane, margarita, apple martini, sex on the beach, mojito, or Long Island Tea!

Want a SIGNATURE COCKTAIL? Let us know what spirits you like, and we will create that perfect drink for you to set your event apart from the rest!

Pour Up Drank!!!!

Any event can be elevated to another level with the perfect cocktail bar.  You provide the liquor, and we'll provide the rest!

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